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Four ways to customise healthy eating to your own taste

Four ways to customise healthy eating to your own taste

During my career as a fitness coach Clapham, one of the challenges clients face in following a nutrition plan is customising it to their own taste, whilst still following the plan.

At Fit to Last, we provide customised nutrition plans for body transformation and improved performance. Our meal plans are based on three principles:

  1. Nutrient timing
  2. Portion control
  3. Macronutrient balance

Click here to download a Portion Control Guide (PDF) that outlines a quick, easy and practical way to follow these healthy eating fundamentals (no kitchen scales or medical degree required!).

Here are four actions you can take right now to take ownership of your own healthy eating by customising recipes to suit your own preferences.

1. Customise healthy eating with fresh herbs and spices

Fresh herbs and spices have no caloric impact on the final calculations for your recipes, and can add a nice twist to a meal that may become tired after some repetition. Here are a few examples of herbs you can add to liven up a meal[1]

  • Beef: thyme, celery, marjoram, coriander, sage, rosemary, oregano, garlic
  • Chicken: garlic, marjoram, tarragon, oregano, coriander
  • Fish, fried: mustard, oregano, tarragon, sage
  • Fish, grilled: thyme, coriander, fennel, rosemary
  • Pork: marjoram, mustard, oregano, sage, rosemary, thyme, garlic
  • Roast Beef: basil, oregano, thyme, mustard, rosemary, garlic
  • Turkey: basil, rosemary, cumin, oregano, thyme, sage

Also, if you fancy a bit more kick to your dishes, a few drops of Tabasco or hot sauce will add some jump to your lunch.

By adding your own twist based on your own preferences you can liven things up and keep them interesting.

2. Add a twist, and maybe some bubbles

I saw someone the other day come into a session with cucumber in their water. This is a great idea because it adds flavor to a beverage that can be a chore for some to consume in large quantities (myself included).

Adding cucumber, lime or a lemon twist to your water will turn something mundane into something special. Also, try sparkling water as opposed to still, just to mix things up.

3. Rotate your meals

‘Anytime’ and ‘Post-workout’ meals, is a system I have learned from Precision Nutrition. We assemble meal plans according to your training regime, so your meals are timed according to when you are training (post-workout) and when you aren’t (anytime).

 There’s no reason why you can’t rotate your meals according to what you feel like having that day, as long as they follow the ‘Anytime’ or ‘Post-workout’ paradigm. This is a very easy way to change your menu and respond to your preferences. Just be mindful of food wastage…

4. 100 ways to make an egg

If you have ever seen the old fashioned chef’s hats (shaped like a tube, with lots of folds around the outside), the theory is that the reason for the folds is to always remind the chef of the number of ways to make an egg.

 Eggs are a great option for breakfast, as they are an excellent source of protein as well as good fats.

If your eggs are getting tiresome in their current guise, try preparing them in a different way. Whether poached, boiled, or fried, the key is to make sure you are getting the constituent ingredients in the recipe…how you get there is up to you.

I hope these suggestions have helped you, and if you have any further suggestions please post them on the Fit to Last Facebook Page.

Until next time fine people!
To learn more about healthy exercise and eating habits to achieve your fitness goals, contact James Staring, a leading personal trainer in Clapham, London.


James StaringJames Staring is a personal trainer based in Clapham, London. His methods have featured in publications such as Your Fitness, Hello, Healthy, Daily Mail, Closer, and many more. After giving up smoking and entering the fitness industry in 2009, James has focused on his passion to help others transform their health and fitness. However, James is convinced that most people struggle so much more than they need to in an effort to improve their fitness. Through his company, Fit to Last, which he runs with his partner, Ali Page – James has helped hundreds of men and women make small adjustments in their daily habits to transform their fitness and to love how they look and feel.

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