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5 Shopping Strategies To Make Better Food Choices And Support Your Fitness Goals

We’re all aware of the importance of healthy eating to our overall health, energy, and wellbeing. If you find there are times you start food shopping with the best intentions and wind up making poor choices, you’re certainly not alone. Research has shown that unplanned purchases account for up to 60% of all purchases (Inman and Winer, … Read more

How to find healthy foods to eat on the go


Healthy eating when you’re at home and in control of your environment can be relatively straight forward. But what about when you’re not at home? Here are 5 tips for finding healthy foods to eat on the go to keep you on the straight and narrow. Even when you’re away from the safe confines of … Read more

Is a low-carb diet the best way to lose weight?


CARB 101 – Diet plan for weight loss When you think about what to eat (or not eat) to lose body fat, carbohydrates are usually the first thing that gets cut out or drastically reduced. But is a low or no-carb diet the best way to lose body fat? Today we’re going to show you … Read more

3 ways to avoid post-holiday penance


It’s the holiday season, and the burning question from our members here at Fit to Last is…”How do I get through the holidays without undoing months of hard graft?’ Fear not, here are 3 tips designed to help you enjoy the holidays without feeling mountains of guilt and regret come 1stJanuary.   1. PRE-LOAD TO … Read more

Benefits of Eating the Rainbow

Benefits of eating the rainbow

RAINBOW COLORED FRUITS AND VEGETABLES ARE KEY TO A LONG AND HEALTHY LIFE A wide variety of colourful veg and fruit on your plate is a proactive way to lengthen your life and improve your health and performance. WHY RAINBOW COLOURED VEGETABLES MATTERS Vegetable colour indicates the different phytochemicals that they contain. Phytochemicals act as … Read more

3 Ways to Eat Well When Crazy Busy

Nutrition on the go

It happens constantly.. You’re pressed for time because you have 10 million things to do. You’re forced to make bad choices with your food because you don’t have the time or the energy to make something healthy. Here are three ways to eat well even when you’re crazy busy.   1. DOWNLOAD ZOMATO If you’re going to opt for … Read more

Beat the winter blues: 3 nutritional interventions

How to beat the Winter blues

Beat the winter blues: 3 nutritional interventions If you find yourself feeling down when the winter weather sets in, this is for you.   When the sky gets grey, and the days become short, our mood changes due to the lack of sunlight and dropping temperatures.   Some of these symptoms can include lack of … Read more

6 ways to manage portion size without counting calories

How to manage your portion size

Portion size is a lynchpin when it comes to changing body composition.  By not controlling portions, your ‘clean-eating’ intentions will be at the mercy of your lifestyle.    Here are 6 proactive steps to managing portions, using common-sense methods that work every time. 1. USE YOUR HANDS FOR TAILORED PORTION SIZE Precision Nutrition have come up with Here’s … Read more

Four ways to crush your cravings

Four ways to crush your cravings

FOUR WAYS TO CRUSH YOUR CRAVINGS If you find yourself submitting to cravings for sugar or chocolate, here’s four ways to crush your cravings and out-manoeuvre your sugary demons. Responsible for many a derailed diet, cravings have absolved many of us from any responsibility for rational thought when it comes to food choices. WHY DO CRAVINGS HAPPEN? While … Read more