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Why everyone’s choosing the Fit To Last personal trainer programme in Clapham

We offer a high-end, all-inclusive fitness solution for those who’ve tried everything in the past; crash diets, exercise fads, regular gyms. All with little to no success or results.

Meet The Team

James Staring

Co-owner / Lead coach

After giving up smoking and entering the fitness industry in 2009, James has focused on his passion to help others transform their health and fitness.

During his time in the industry, James has seen how difficult it can be to change your body through exercise alone. For this reason, James created the Fit to Last Framework. This framework adopts an integrated approach developing effective nutrition, exercise and lifestyle habits.

However, James is convinced most people struggle so much more than they need to in an effort to improve their fitness. Through Fit to Last, James has helped hundreds of men and women make small adjustments in their daily habits to transform their fitness and love how they look and feel.

James believes anyone can start working towards a healthier lifestyle. Regardless of age or current ability.

James’ methods have featured in publications such as Your Fitness, Hello, Healthy, Daily Mail, Closer, and many more.

James’ qualifications:

  • Advanced Personal Trainer, Level 4
  • Exercise GP Referral, Level 3
  • Exercise Prescription, Non-Specific Low Back Pain, Level 4
  • Ante/Postnatal Exercise Programming, Level 3
  • Advanced Nutrition for Weight Management, Level 3
  • Precision Nutrition, Level 1 Certified Coach
  • Functional Movement Screen, Level 1
  • Kettle Bell Instructor
  • Hatton Academy: Fundamentals & Advanced Boxing Instruction, Level 3
  • First Aid

Ali Page

Co-owner / Studio manager

Ali is the organisation behind Fit to Last, developing and maintaining our systems and processes.

Ali is also the first port of call for any membership questions and queries and is also on hand to make sure you get the best possible experience as a member at Fit to Last.



Ryan initially began his career as a Tennis Coach in 2015. At the same time he studied Sports Development & Coaching Sciences. Ryan has a great combination of knowledge and rapport-building to help you get the most out of you and achieve results.

Ryan’s qualifications:

  • Bsc Sports Development & Coaching Sciences
  • Level 4 Nutrition in athletic performance & weight management
  • Level 3 Personal Trainer
  • Level 2 Fitness Instructor
  • Hatton Academy: Fundamentals & Advanced Boxing Instruction, Level 2
  • Level 2 Tennis Coach
  • First Aid



Anthony begun his coaching career in 2017. Over the years he has worked with a range of clients, helping them achieve results they did not think could be possible.

Anthony’s qualifications

  • Level 3 Personal Trainer
  • Level 2 Fitness Instructor
  • Precision Nutrition, Level 1 Certified Coach
  • Hatton Academy: Fundamentals & Advanced Boxing Instruction, Levels 1 & 2
  • First Aid

The Fit to Last Framework

Build sustainable eating, exercise and lifestyle habits

The Fit to Last (FTL) Framework is revolutionary as it stops you from yo-yo dieting. Instead, the framework teaches you how to build sustainable healthy eating, exercise and lifestyle habits.

We know how hard it is investing time, effort and money into improving your fitness. When you adapt your lifestyle habits towards your fitness goals – eating and moving in the most beneficial ways will begin to come to you naturally. Your body shape will change and you’ll feel more confident, energetic and stronger.

The FTL Framework was created by James Staring. Through his years of study and experience within the fitness industry, James learned that achieving a body transformation (and sustaining it) is very difficult through exercise alone.

Get personalised feedback to ensure your results

When you begin a body transformation with Fit to Last, rather than just attending 2-3 workouts a week, together we’ll complete the FTL Framework together.

You’ll get regular personalised feedback on your nutrition and lifestyle habits as well as your exercise. This way, you’ll know you’re doing it right and ensure your results.


Members love working out in our private studio in Clapham as it’s a relaxed, friendly environment. We typically suit those who aren’t a fan of the regular gym. There’s no need to worry about trying to avoid crowds or peak time. You can relax knowing you won’t be working out with an audience. All equipment will be available for you to use when you need it. We operate on an appointment only basis and keep the number of visitors at one time very low. When you workout at the studio, you’ll often find it’s just you and your coach in the space. Except, of course, if you train within a group which has a maximum of 4 participants.

An integrated, structured approach

Applying this framework to your lifestyle habits will transform your body for life.

This integrated, structured approach, coupled with exercise in a non-intimidating environment, is designed to set you up for success. You’ll be confident that you’re taking the right action as you will:

  1. Learn a proven method of getting your nutrition and exercise habits in control. You’ll completely understand how to adapt;
  2. See how this framework has been used by other men and women to transform their body;
  3. Apply this framework to other areas of your life to fulfil your potential personally and professionally.

Your body today is a result of your past habits. People who transform their habits, transform their body and their life.

Real People, Real Results


“After 4 weeks, I’ve already lost 10 pounds and dropped a dress size”

“I love the journey I’m on and how well it’s going…

When I think about all the fad diets I’ve done, all the different things I’ve signed up to in the past I’ve spent loads of money. If I’d just have done this in the first place, I’d have got better results and spent less money.”


“I wanted to lose weight, that was my goal. I was training quite hard but was still struggling to lose weight

“Thanks to the nutrition programme, I’ve lost 10kg…

I’m fitting into clothes I couldn’t fit into before. I’ve noticed the change. Not only me, my girlfriend, my friends, my family.”


“I lost over a stone and 6cm from my waist”

“I felt unhappy with myself. I was watching TV munching through packets of crisps…

I didn’t want to workout on my own, but I didn’t want to go into a huge gym or studio and train with 20 other people. This really suited what I was looking for and I couldn’t find it anywhere else.”

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