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Are habits the key to achieving your fitness goals?

Have you ever tried changing up your exercise & eating routines to achieve a fitness goal, and struggled to maintain your initial progress? Does this lead to a point where you start to beat yourself up, thinking ‘if only I had more willpower’?  If this is you, you’re not alone. When you attempt to maintain … Read more


We invited Best of Clapham to trial our New Member Intake services. See their Instagram reel and blog where they share their experience. Our new Member Intake Services include: 1. 3D HEALTH REVIEW The 3D Health Review uses infrared technology to map your body shape, composition, posture and health. You can also set personalised fitness goals and track changes in your … Read more

Five Reasons why we don’t do meal plans

Many years ago, we would offer our members prescribed meal plans to help achieve their weight loss goals. We’ve since abandoned the meal plans and here’s five reasons why: 1. MEAL PLANS ARE HARD TO FOLLOW Have you ever tried to follow a meal plan? If you have, and you did it with ease – … Read more

5 Benefits of working out at an independent gym

The High Street gym is often the first go-to choice when you want to get fit. But is it the best option for you to get results? The humble independent gym often gets overlooked. When in fact, this underdog could give you everything you need to finally achieve success with your health and fitness goals. … Read more


We’d all love to think we’re independent of our environment, and that we make all our own decisions regardless of outside influence. Sorry, time to rethink that. Here are a few examples of how our environments shapes the hundreds of eating decisions we make every day: Time to make conscious choices Much to our chagrin, … Read more

5 reasons why you can’t override poor eating habits with regular exercise

It’s a common misconception that if you want to lose weight, tone up and become generally more healthier, the lifestyle change needed is regular exercise rather than addressing poor eating habits.  Regular exercise certainly helps. However, it must be partnered with good choices in food and drinks to be truly effective. During the time I’ve … Read more

How to create micro-habits and smash big FITNESS goals 

Creating micro-habits helps you create a series of small wins leading to big results.Have you made plans to make big changes in the new year for big results? This is often the approach most people naturally take…’If I want to achieve big things, I’ll need to make big changes, right?’ Do you often end up … Read more

Beginners guide to effective weight training workouts

Part of our process at Fit to Last is to perform resistance exercises with as heavy a weight as your form will allow.  This means if you can complete the exercise with the correct form, we’ll keep adding weight until you can’t perform the movement correctly.  The reason why we do this is because we … Read more