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Styku 3D Body Scan & HEALTH REVIEW

Map your starting point, set your goals, track your progress

You may already be following a fitness regime of your own, or even if you don’t have one – we can still help you. The 3D Body Scan & Health Review will give you clarity on your starting point, setting realistic fitness goals or tracking your progress.

Styku™ is a full-body health scanning technology that maps the shape, composition, and health of your body, using the latest in computer vision and artificial intelligence.

This equipment gives you the ability to perform a full body scan, view 3D models of yourself, extract your body circumferences, predict your body composition, estimate your health risks, set yourself realistic fitness goals, track changes in your body shape, and much more.

How does the Styku 3D Body Scan Work?

The 3D Body Scan takes 30 seconds to complete:

  1. Step onto the platform.
  2. Stand still whilst the platform rotates for a few seconds.
  3. Once scanning is complete, step off the platform to review your results with our fitness professional.

Our fitness professional will review your results together with you. The results of your scan are also emailed to you and include:

  • 3D image of your body
  • Your body composition statistics
  • Your health review
  • Your posture assessment
  • Your fitness goals
Socially distanced. No need for physical contact

This assessment process is completely contactless. Especially convenient during Covid-19 pandemic. You simply visit our assessment room independently and will be given simple instructions to follow for a self-scan.

Styku 3D Body Scan Video Demo
Watch short video demo of Styku 3D Body Scanner
Measuring and managing your results

When you join a Fit to Last programme, the Styku 3D Body Scan & Health Review is the tool we we use to track your progress and is included in your programme.

Schedule your Styku 3D Body Scan

To schedule in your 3D Body Scan, simply book in a quick call with us. We’ll answer any questions you have and schedule in your scan.
The investment required for a 3D Body Scan and Health Review is £49.00.



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“I wanted to lose weight, that was my goal. I was training quite hard but was still struggling to lose weight

“Thanks to the nutrition programme, I’ve lost 10kg…

I’m fitting into clothes I couldn’t fit into before. I’ve noticed the change. Not only me, my girlfriend, my friends, my family.”


“I lost over a stone and 6cm from my waist”

“I felt unhappy with myself. I was watching TV munching through packets of crisps…

I didn’t want to workout on my own, but I didn’t want to go into a huge gym or studio and train with 20 other people. This really suited what I was looking for and I couldn’t find it anywhere else.”

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