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5 reasons why you can’t override poor eating habits with regular exercise

It’s a common misconception that if you want to lose weight, tone up and become generally more healthier, the lifestyle change needed is regular exercise rather than addressing poor eating habits.  Regular exercise certainly helps. However, it must be partnered with good choices in food and drinks to be truly effective. During the time I’ve … Read more

How to create micro-habits and smash big FITNESS goals 

Creating micro-habits helps you create a series of small wins leading to big results.Have you made plans to make big changes in the new year for big results? This is often the approach most people naturally take…’If I want to achieve big things, I’ll need to make big changes, right?’ Do you often end up … Read more

4 Reasons why full-fat choices are healthier than low-fat (and how to enjoy full-fat options without the guilt) 

Low-fat options are often viewed as the best choice, “healthy fats” by people who want to lose weight. Just to be clear, when we say ‘low-fat’ we’re referring to items that have been commercially altered to remove fat for supposed health reasons. Examples include low-fat yoghurt, low-fat margarine, and low-fat cheese.  The big question is: … Read more

Beginners guide to effective weight training workouts

Part of our process at Fit to Last is to perform resistance exercises with as heavy a weight as your form will allow.  This means if you can complete the exercise with the correct form, we’ll keep adding weight until you can’t perform the movement correctly.  The reason why we do this is because we … Read more

8 tips on choosing the right personal trainer for you in clapham

How to choose the right personal trainer to help you achieve your fitness goals You’ve struggled to motivate yourself to get to the gym to exercise regularly. Or even worse, you’ve been going to the gym and not seeing the results you want.  So, you’re considering enlisting the services of a fitness professional to help … Read more

5 ways to lose weight without drastically cutting calories

If you want to lose weight, the advice you’re usually given is to drastically drop your calorie intake by removing food groups or skipping meals to drop those pounds. In order for your body to change, it needs three things: Sufficient activity to create a calorie deficit; Enough energy to function, and Enough of each … Read more

Stop starving yourself and use these 4 eating strategies to lose body fat


STOP STARVING YOURSELF AND USE THESE 4 EATING STRATEGIES TO LOSE BODY FAT When on a mission to lose body fat, do you drastically cut your calories? Do you promise to starve yourself until you hit a certain number on the scale? By drastically depriving yourself of food and calories in the short term, your … Read more

Stop ignoring these 3 Reality checks to achieve your fitness goals


3 reality checks to achieve your fitness goals There are 3 realities you must face to succeed with your fitness goals. If you’re not willing to accept these 3 fundamental truths, it’ll be a long, hard slog and you’ll most likely be unsuccessful. 1. IT TAKES TIME If you spent 3 years putting on weight … Read more

5 reasons why more sleep & less exercise can boost your fitness

5 reasons why more sleep & less exercise can boost your fitness When struggling to achieve your fitness goals, the consensus is often to workout more, eat less, and workout even more. Instead of trying to add even more workouts into your routine or deprive yourself of more calories, start looking at prioritising your sleep. … Read more