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Of all the things holding people back from achieving the goals they set for themselves, one of the most common is fear.
Whatever that fear is (failure, looking foolish for trying), it is a significant reason why people don’t try in the first place.

It’s time to address this subject head on – it’s time to talk about ‘fear setting’.



As you’ll see in the 13-minute video below, ‘fear-setting’ is a two-part process developed by ‘Four Hour Work Week’ author Tim Ferriss.

    • Part 1: List worst-case scenarios, along with how you can mitigate and prevent them from occurring.
    • Part 2: List the short, medium and long-term cost of inaction.



Referring to what I was saying before about fear stopping people, b taking a moment and listing out the worst-case scenarios of what could happen to you (along with how you could mitigate those circumstances), change becomes less of an unknown and more of an informed path to be taken.

By performing the ‘fear-setting’ exercise, you can put in perspective the potential pitfalls of changes you wish to make, as well as put strategies in place now to avoid those pitfalls in advance.
I hope you enjoy the video (it is really insightful).
Clapham personal trainer James Staring recommends Tim Ferris' Define Your Fears
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James Staring, Personal Trainer, ClaphamJames Staring is a personal trainer based in Clapham, London. His methods have featured in publications such as Your Fitness, Hello, Healthy, Daily Mail, Closer, and many more. After giving up smoking and entering the fitness industry in 2009, James has focused on his passion to help others transform their health and fitness. However, James is convinced that most people struggle so much more than they need to in an effort to improve their fitness. Through his company, Fit to Last, which he runs with his partner, Ali Page – James has helped hundreds of men and women make small adjustments in their daily habits to transform their fitness and to love how they look and feel.


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