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Three reasons to stop counting calories

Stop counting calories

Three reasons to stop counting calories We stopped counting calories and here’s why… One of the most popular options to achieve weight loss is to examine diet and start counting calories to reduce consumption. But counting calories is riddled with issues. Here are three reasons why counting calories is not a viable option, as well as an easier … Read more

Create the new normal to transform your body

Change your new normal

CREATE THE NEW NORMAL TO TRANSFORM YOUR BODY Tell me if you have also done this…2nd January rolls around, and you make all kinds of grand plans to transform your body and finally get into the shape you want. Five weeks later, those plans are a distant memory, with no concrete action taken. I’ve done this, … Read more

Change your stride to run faster and prevent injury

Running change your stride

Change your stride to run faster and prevent injury I recently completed my first half ironman triathlon, and with it came numerous lessons on what I am doing well and where I can improve. One of my most vivid memories of that event is starting on the run, still feeling relatively fresh, only to watch … Read more

Sleep Hygiene: How to sleep better

Sleep hygiene tips

WHAT IS SLEEP HYGIENE? When you hear the phrase sleep hygiene, you may think that someone is calling your evening cleansing regime into question… Not so folks. Sleep hygiene is the routine that you go through in the evening to prepare your brain and body to switch from day time to night time. More specifically, … Read more

Four ways to shop smarter

4 ways to shop smarter

Four ways to shop smarter While many have chosen to buy weekly groceries online, as a fitness instructor in Balham area, I understand many of us still choose to go old-school and hit the local Sainsbury/Tesco/Waitrose to stock our shelves at home. Here are four tips to help you shop smarter at your local supermarket, and … Read more