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3 ways to delay the ageing process

How to slow the ageing process

3 WAYS TO SLOW THE AGEING PROCESS It’s an inescapable fact – we are all getting older. And while you can’t stop the march of years, it is possible to slow down the effects of ageing; allowing you to make the most of your life for longer. If you don’t exercise and eat properly now, the following … Read more

Low back pain to no back pain – a client success story

Lower back pain to no back pain

LOW BACK PAIN TO NO BACK PAIN – A CLIENT SUCCESS STORY Low back pain has been referred to as ‘the leading cause of disability’, affecting 1/10 people worldwide according to a 2010 study[1]. In the UK, 2.5million people suffer from back pain every day of the year, resulting in an annual healthcare expenditure of … Read more