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“After 4 weeks, I’ve already lost 10 pounds and dropped a dress size”

“I love the journey I’m on and how well it’s going…

When I think about all the fad diets I’ve done, all the different things I’ve signed up to in the past I’ve spent loads of money. If I’d just have done this in the first place, I’d have got better results and spent less money.”


“I wanted to lose weight, that was my goal. I was training quite hard but was still struggling to lose weight

“Thanks to the nutrition programme, I’ve lost 10kg…

I’m fitting into clothes I couldn’t fit into before. I’ve noticed the change. Not only me, my girlfriend, my friends, my family.”


“I lost over a stone and 6cm from my waist”

“I felt unhappy with myself. I was watching TV munching through packets of crisps…

I didn’t want to workout on my own, but I didn’t want to go into a huge gym or studio and train with 20 other people. This really suited what I was looking for and I couldn’t find it anywhere else.”