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Podcast: Why snacks are necessary

Why snacks are necessary

Podcast: Why Snacks Are Necessary Snacking is often viewed as a bad thing to do, when in fact it’s a great strategy for managing blood sugar levels.  When I talk about snacks, I mean planned snacks between meals that include protein, good fats and carbohydrates. If you want to lose body fat, blood sugar management is essential. Have … Read more

Sleep Hygiene: How to sleep better

Sleep hygiene tips

WHAT IS SLEEP HYGIENE? When you hear the phrase sleep hygiene, you may think that someone is calling your evening cleansing regime into question… Not so folks. Sleep hygiene is the routine that you go through in the evening to prepare your brain and body to switch from day time to night time. More specifically, … Read more

Podcast – All about sugar


Hi all, Today’s presentation is all about sugar. Today we will talk about: The different faces of sugar – what it’s called, and how to find it on a label Dangers of a high sugar diet Insulin sensitivity Glycation How timing sugar consumption can benefit your training Resources Article – How to read a label … Read more

Podcast – Understanding Energy Balance

Podcast – Understanding Energy Balance Overview Today’s podcast is all about how to understand energy balance. In short, if your mission is weight loss, you want to make sure your energy expenditure is greater than your energy intake. Today’s topics: How to understand the relationship between energy intake and energy expenditure How to learn the … Read more

Podcast – Nutrition made a little easier

Podcast – Nutritious eating a little easier Overview Today’s podcast is all about how to make nutritious eating just a little bit easier. You can eat nutritiously by doing the following simple things: Setting your kitchen up for success Choosing different ‘rituals’ you can follow for meal preparation, and Utilise different ‘tricks’ to help you make good food faster … Read more

Podcast – Making Changes

Podcast – Using effective goal setting to create lasting changes On today’s broadcast James from Fit to Last talks about how to make changes by setting effective goals On today’s broadcast: 1. The importance of goal setting 2. How to set goals 3. What are your limiting behaviours 4. Using a book called ‘Switch’ to … Read more