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Don’t do too much exercise

We all know that exercise is good for us. But too much exercise can be bad for our health. A common misconception is that adding more exercise to our current health regime will automatically mean we become healthier. However, adding in too much exercise can lead to overtraining and potential injury. Read more To learn … Read more

Why Doing More Exercise Isn’t Always Better For You

In today’s post, I will be sharing a guest post from James Staring, Lead Trainer at Fit to Last. James will explore why doing more exercise isn’t always better for you. We’ve all been told that exercise is healthy for us. So that should mean that if we want to become healthy, we should keep … Read more

Healthy Eating Tips: Scales and Calorie Counting Not Involved

Calculating calories and weighing food isn’t necessary for a healthy diet. Here are five healthy eating tips designed to help you improve your eating habits easily and without much thought. Read more To learn more about healthy exercise and eating habits to achieve your fitness goals, contact James Staring, a leading personal trainer in Clapham, … Read more


We invited Best of Clapham to trial our New Member Intake services. See their Instagram reel and blog where they share their experience. Our new Member Intake Services include: 1. 3D HEALTH REVIEW The 3D Health Review uses infrared technology to map your body shape, composition, posture and health. You can also set personalised fitness goals and track changes in your … Read more

Can you mix alcohol and regular exercise?

Can you mix alcohol and exercise? Whatever your fitness goal, you are more likely to achieve it quickly if you don’t drink alcohol. That doesn’t mean you must abstain, but you need to be aware of what alcohol does to your body and take account of that during your exercise sessions. Read more To learn … Read more

Are you getting enough protein?

Many people focus on their carb intake. While controlling carbohydrates is important, attention also needs to be directed at protein. Protein contains amino acids, the building blocks necessary for muscle growth and maintenance. Additionally, protein is an important contributor to a healthy metabolism, efficient nutrient transport throughout the body, as well as a healthy immune … Read more

Body Composition Scanners

What is a body composition scanner? Body composition scanners are designed to measure the amount of muscle, fat and bone your body contains. The information these scans collect can be used to determine your health and to create health and fitness goals to improve your health. Some body scanners also record your posture to pinpoint … Read more

What does alcohol really do to your fitness?

First, of all, no one is saying you can’t drink alcohol if you’re trying to improve your health and fitness through exercise. But you do need to be aware of the impact alcohol has. Your health and fitness goals will be directly affected in three key ways. Read more To learn more about healthy exercise … Read more

Five Reasons why we don’t do meal plans

Many years ago, we would offer our members prescribed meal plans to help achieve their weight loss goals. We’ve since abandoned the meal plans and here’s five reasons why: 1. MEAL PLANS ARE HARD TO FOLLOW Have you ever tried to follow a meal plan? If you have, and you did it with ease – … Read more

Five Easy Ways to Improve Your Eating Habits

The word ‘nutrition’ can conjure up images of counting calories, weighing food and general misery associated with eating. It can feel like a complex process that sucks the life out of meals and any enjoyment associated with food. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be this way. Getting your nutrition right can be simplified, making it … Read more